Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Complaint Formal to Google

Sacred Storm Dreamer,
you have been asked many times this week to remove the right side of this blog or to send permissions in order for me to remove, but you have refused and continuing criminal behavior both heavenly and earthly. Try forgiveness and love.

Today, this is March 18, 2009. And i will start to make complaints to Google this March 19 Early am, PST.
1. you have taken my advanced permissions away from the creator of the blog.
2. you refuse to remove collaborative efforts
3. you refuse to give back permissions in order for your hate crimes to continue

You want to walk the way, you know where the front door is. Knock and the door will be open, ask and you shall receive. Push around and you get pushed around.

Break the law of heaven and earth, you get rules of heaven and earth.
Give love and you get love, The choice is yours.

aho spirit fly

ps. last message to the winds of time my brother, follow the Red Road, follow the Red Road, the law of love.